Föreläsning: Using darkness to heal from civilized psychosis – sun 13/11

On using darkness to heal from civilized psychosis:

The darkness conjecture -toward a strifeless recovery of natural rapture

Everyone has had a moment of rapture, when the world appears perfect and beautiful and every breath is sublime.

Rather than rarities or even delusions, what if these were moments of lucidity – clear awareness of the world as it is? What if this awareness could be restored without strife (enormous, difficult, and painful effort) by simply resting for several days in absolute darkness? What if the sheer insanity of our lives in this culture is, at root, simply an illness that could automatically heal under the proper conditions?

On Sunday, I will give my reasons for believing this possible. I will share my experiences with darkness: trying it in Oregon, USA and running a retreat in Guatemala for 18 other people. And I will invite your participation in making a darkness retreat here in Sweden so others can have this experience and continue testing what I call the darkness conjecture:

Rapture, the natural human condition, turns to suffering in a catastrophically injured psyche, which, as an organic system, will heal itself with vital energy accumulated in the profound rest available in an absolutely dark environment.

Water, fruit, and tea provided for a voluntary donation. Booklets available for 50 Kr. All content free at andrewdurham.com. Please tell your friends.

Time: 19:00-20:30, Sunday 13th of November
Place: Kulturföreningen Gryning, Karlsgatan 7, Helsingborg. Entrance through the iron gate next to the cinema and then the first door to the right.

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